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Visit Capital Nissan of Wilmington to participate in the MyNISSAN Rewards Program! It's a great way for our loyal Nissan customers to earn valuable points that can be redeemed at your Wilmington Nissan's dealership.

With the MyNISSAN Rewards Program, every dollar you spend at Capital Nissan of Wilmington earns your points. Those points can then be redeemed at your next Capital Nissan of Wilmington service visit, for parts or accessory purchases. If you prefer, the points may also be used towards the purchase of your next New Nissan or Used Vehicles* at your Wilmington Nissan dealership.

Want More Points?

At Capital Nissan of Wilmington, you can earn even more points through Rewards+Plus simply by shopping online at participating retailers. Each Nissan purchase you make earns your bonus points that can be used exclusively at Capital Nissan of Wilmington.

To find out more about the MyNISSAN Rewards Program, contact us for details. We proudly serve customers from around the area, including Hampstead, Rocky Point, Topsail, Southport, and Wilmington.

*Dealer participation may vary. See your dealer for restrictions on eligible services. Sales Dollars not valid in all states. Reward Points have no independent monetary value and may not be otherwise redeemed for cash, merchandise, or any other benefit outside of those specified under the MyNISSAN Rewards program. Dealership Points can only be used at the dealership at which they were rewarded. Nissan Points can be used at any participating Nissan dealership. Please see Rewards Program Customer Terms.