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Titan Warrior Concept

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept | Capital Nissan

Just think of it - the Nissan Titan XD, but ramped up a level. Scratch that - many levels. This is just the concept that Nissan is considering for its newest truck release, dubbing it the Nissan Titan Warrior. If you remember correctly, the Nissan Titan XD featured a beastly Cummins® 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel engine, and more power than you would know what to do with, and the Titan Warrior will harness the same power - and then some. This truck isn’t for the fainthearted; this truck fights for its place at the top of the ranks and has the ability to defend itself. The Warrior features the same fully-boxed ladder frame, the same engine, and the same 6-Speed Aisin transmission, but this Warrior takes it a step further by adding in a fully-custom off-road suspension. Not only that, but it comes equipped with racing style shocks, a custom sway bar, and a prototype axle that puts even the brawny Titan XD in its place.

The exterior of this truck is reminiscent of a young Titan XD, but has long since grown up in the Warrior that it is. The grille and headlights shine grim and full of vengeance as its sleek, chiseled contour lines run alongside the frame. The fenders have hit the gym and come out more refined and bulkier, and the skid plates are not only integrated into the grille, but also in the back, ready for anything and everything. The hood features two big hood vents which serves as a cooling mechanism for the sheer amount of power that sits directly underneath the hood with its growling Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine. But the engine is not the only thing that makes its presence known, the quad-tipped exhaust system also roars and claims its territory every time it appears. This Warrior is all armored-up and ready for battle.

The interior is just as chiseled and refined as the exterior, built with one goal - to handle every attack and the wear and tear only the toughest off-roading conditions can bring. Take the steering wheel, built out one single block of aluminum; or the seats with its highly durable fabric material accented with Magma Orange which perfectly compliments the chrome and leather interior surfaces. So don’t fear about the conditions you’ll be driving this truck in. Both inside and out are specifically designed for the harshest conditions. But this Warrior doesn’t only defend itself; this beast will attack and tackle every obstacle in its path. Nissan is always pushing the boundaries in attempts to create the best vehicles on the planet. Stop by Capital Nissan in Wilmington, NC today and see their production models that push boundaries in their own class. The Nissan fleet is something that we here at Capital Nissan are extremely proud of; so test drive one today and realize just what you’ve been missing out on!

Titan Warrior Concept in NC
Titan Warrior in NC

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