Tips for Driving on the Beach in Wilmington

If you’re looking to take your Nissan truck or Nissan SUV for a spin in Wilmington, NC, you’re going to want to know some basic details and tips for making your beach driving experience a smooth and enjoyable one. A Nissan dealer in Wilmington, such as Capital Nissan of Wilmington, can help you with the best vehicle for this. We also serve customers from Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Fayetteville.

Carolina Beach’s, Freeman Park allows you to drive, and even camp on the beach with annual as well as daily access passes available. If you want to experience driving in a less crowded area, the South End at Fort Fisher, Kure Beach is right for you. You don’t want to sink into the beach sand while you’re trying to enjoy your drive, so here are some tips for driving on the beach in Wilmington, NC. 

Choose a vehicle with 4WD as you require power to be supplied to all 4 wheels to manage the beach terrain. At Freeman Park, AWD and two-wheel drive vehicles aren’t permitted. Check the local regulations for any vehicle restrictions or timing restrictions when it comes to driving on the beach in Wilmington, NC.    

Make sure your vehicle is as light as possible to prevent it from sinking into the beach sand. You don’t want to be carrying anything unnecessary for your drive on the beach. You’ll also want to check the clearance level between the ground and the bottom of your vehicle to avoid losing momentum in case there’s a rise in sand. 

Don’t plan to drive when high tide is incoming. You need the sand to be firm to avoid getting bogged down. You also don’t want to get too close to the water, otherwise, a strong wave may end up lifting or rolling your vehicle. 

Reduce your tire pressure to benefit from greater traction and safe maneuvering over sand, but just be sure to re-inflate your tires before heading back to drive on the road again. You want to keep the momentum when driving on the beach while being considerate of others on the beach and following the usual road rules. 

Get your car washed afterward to avoid the sand and salty air from forming rust on your vehicle.  

Source: Nissan