NISMO® - What is it, and why is it important? | Capital Nissan


NISMO® - What is it, and why is it important? | Capital Nissan

Nissan is a company that is a company that is committed to excellence in both engineering and innovation, and their NISMO® vehicles have not fallen below that mark. What is NISMO®, and is it something you need to look into? Absolutely. NISMO® is the very embodiment of Nissan performance. Shortened from NISsan MOtorsport, Nissan’s NISMO® vehicles are inspired by the racetrack, and is the outgrowth of Nissan’s 80-year history in racing. Nissan’s current NISMO® vehicles are the GT-R® NISMO, 370Z® NISMO®, and the Sentra NISMO®. So, what makes them different?

Nismo Vehicles

For starters, the NISMO® vehicles sport stiffer springs, body dampers, and chassis reinforcements, making the NISMO® line the most responsive ever from Nissan. These vehicles also sport enhanced external aerodynamics with sleeker lines meticulously measured down to the millimeter, maximizing the vehicle’s downforce, and reducing drag, so that your NISMO® vehicles cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. The NISMO® competition-tuned suspension coupled with the ability to raise hairs with its lightning quick response as you fly through the gears will truly give you the NISMO® experience. With strong low-end torque, a wider powerband, and that signature NISMO® exhaust growl, you’ll turn heads when you let this beast out of its cage.

Hop into the race-inspired cockpit and feel the deep, sport seats and settle in as your NISMO® vehicle delivers track-like performance. Thanks to the Alcantra® cloth on the steering wheel, you’ll be able to have a bit more grip on the wheel because trust us, you’ll need it. And just for looks, the steering wheel sports the signature NISMO® red at 12 o’clock, so you’ll always be on top of your next maneuver. Stop by Nissan’s website and even shop for NISMO® accessories and personalize your vehicle today. Here at Capital Nissan, we have the fleet of NISMO® vehicles ready for you to test drive, so stop by and give this line a spin!

Source: Nissan