Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter


As important as the battery, oil, engine, and tires are, there are other components that are equally essential for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. Air filters are one such crucial components.


Key to your Vehicle’s Performance


The purpose of an air filter is to keep out debris from the key components of your vehicle, including engine, fuel lines, radiator, and any part that has fluid or air. A clogged or dirty air filter becomes less efficient at doing its job. As a result, debris and pollutants enter the engine and other areas, which can lead to engine breakdown and poor performance.


Air FIlters Work Hard Throughout Spring


Spring is the mid-season – long and cold days and nights are over, but hot summer months will soon be near. Most people plan their travels during Spring. This means your car and air filter have to work harder during Spring.


For maximum efficiency, air filters need to be replaced every year or for every 12,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to know the exact frequency of air filter replacement. With new air filters, you’ll have your vehicle working more efficiently on the road. You’ll be able to enjoy your time on the wheels in comfort.


Protect your Vehicle from Pollen-Laden Air


Spring means dirt and pollen, which can enter the engine and other crucial components if not blocked by an air filter. In addition to decreasing your car’s performance, pollen and debris reduce air quality inside your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to have your air filters checked and replaced if needed.


Improve In-Cabin Air Quality


When you change the air filter, toxic impurities, including dust, dirt, and pollen, are efficiently trapped within the filter. As a result, the air that circulates in the cabin is fresh, clean, and healthier.


Ready your Car for the Summer


A dirty and clogged air filter reduces the efficiency of your A/C system. The system will have to work more to circulate air. An air filter change during spring results in enhanced fuel efficiency and improved performance.


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