10 Best Times to Buy a Used Car

You can save more money if you buy a used car at the right time. Make the most profitable deal during these times:

Holiday Times

Buying cars is usually a low priority on peoples’ minds during Christmas and New Year. Dealers and private car selling agents will be open to any available options during the festive season.

During Mid-Year

Dealerships get ready for new car models during July and early days of August. Expect steep discounts during these months.

When New Car Sales are High

Sales of new cars are usually high during September and March. Since most deals involve the exchange of old cars, you’ll have a wider pool of cars to choose from. This would be a good time to negotiate your way into a fantastic deal.

During Sales Target-Ending Period

Monthly, quarterly, and annual endings are typical target-ending periods for dealerships, meaning they have to reach the set sale target by this period. They will be keener to make a sale to achieve these targets. You can get better discounts and extras on your deal.

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During Winter Months

Not many would want to drive around the city in cold weather to buy a used car. Why not use it to your advantage and get a fantastic deal?

When the Day is Clear

Defects are easily visible on a clear sunny day. If you can live with the defects, you could use the opportunity to get a good deal.

When there is an Auto Exhibition

Many car owners exchange their used cars for new ones during auto exhibitions. It is a good time to choose from a variety of used cars and negotiate a good deal.

Before your Existing Car Becomes Unusable

If your existing car is in bad condition, then plan your purchase beforehand. You will have enough time to research cars and available deals. Also, you can bargain better when you are not desperate.

When Demand is Low

Convertibles tend to be cheaper in winters because people are keener on buying a 4-wheel drive to handle winter roads.

If you want to buy a 4-wheel drive, then do so in summer when the demand is low.

When Manufacturer Deals are Announced

Manufacturers offer deals on CPO Cars, often through their dealerships. Though these cars are slightly pricey than their non-certified counterparts, the assurance of quality and accompanying deals make them worthy.

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Source: Nissan