Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

A routine oil change keeps your vehicle’s engine in excellent condition. With a top-tuned engine, your vehicle gives more mileage, necessitates repairs less often, and performs to its best. The frequency of oil change should be in accordance with the instructions given in your vehicle manual.

Earlier, vehicles required oil change every 3,000 miles or after three months, whichever happened first.

Modern vehicles can travel longer distances before they need an oil change. Depending on your vehicle model and the type of oil you use (standard, full-synthetic, or synthetic blends), a newer model may require an oil change every 6,000 to 7,500 miles.

A good habit to inculcate would be to change oil every 5,000 miles. If you are looking for an oil change, you can always visit our authorized Capital Nissan Service Center.

Our factory-trained technicians can guide you in choosing the right engine oil and provide expert tips on engine maintenance. From engine oil to repairs and parts replacement, we use only high-quality and original products.

So, why should you change the oil regularly?

Here are some key benefits that you get from a routine oil change:

Improves Engine Health and Efficiency

The purpose of oil is to keep the engine and its components lubricated. As the oil journeys toward the engine and circulates, it picks up contaminants such as dirt and debris. Over time, these contaminants form sludge.

Sludge is harmful because it lowers oil’s lubrication capacity. As a result, the engine and other moving components fail to receive adequate lubrication. Over time, inadequate lubrication affects the efficiency of the engine and other components. This leads to poor engine performance. Continuing without a routine oil change can damage the engine.

Routine oil change prevents the formation of sludge. With a reliable Nissan oil change, you can maintain engine efficiency, prevent premature engine and component damage, and ensure that your vehicle stays in top shape internally.

Gives You More Mileage  

An engine that works with routine clean oil develops the capability to use gas optimally. With dirty oil, your vehicle’s engine has to work harder to perform to its original capacity. This is because old contaminant-laden oil decreases lubrication, which, in turn, increases friction within the system.

The engine has to work harder to overcome the friction and fulfill its intended task. As a result, more gas is consumed.

With routine oil change, fresh oil is made available to the engine regularly. Engine efficiency is preserved, which means you get better mileage from your gas and save money.

Prevents Exhaust Emission Toxicity

As the engine ages, seals within wear off and start leaking oil. This oil enters the engine’s combustion chamber. It mixes with the gasoline therein and burns off. The remnants are pushed off the vehicle in the form of exhaust emissions.

If the oil that enters the chamber is impure and dirty, then there is excess burning off. This not only increases exhaust fumes but also makes them toxic.

With routine oil changes, only clean oil seeps internally. Clean oil does not lead to burning excess, which decreases exhaust emissions. The resulting emissions are also non-toxic.

Longer Engine Life

Parts under the hood along with the engine operate at high speeds, which leads to overheating. Proper lubrication minimizes friction, which in turn minimizes overheating.

Routine oil change prevents friction, sludge, and engine wear-and-tear. Cleaner oil keeps the engine and all the moving parts under the hood lubricated. This reduces the overheating of the entire system.

With regular oil changes, your engine operates smoothly and gives you more years of valuable service.

If you are Wilmington, Shallotte, or Leland, then schedule an oil change in Wilmington, NC at our Capital Nissan of Wilmington dealership. Our reliable oil change service can help you maintain your vehicle in top condition.