Nissan's Snug Kids Child Safety Tips


Nissan's Snug Kids Child Safety Tips

A parent’s top priority is their child’s safety. This is especially true when it comes to traveling safe. Being secure when on the road is important for everyone. However, since children may not be able to look after themselves adequately, parents need to be a bit more proactive. Making use of a child restraint system (CRS) when traveling with your kids is a wise option. This is where Nissan’s snug kids child restraint system comes into play. Here are a few insights into the same.

Install the safety seat in the back of the car
Make sure to install the safety seat in the back of the car and attach it using safety belts and anchors. The fit shouldn’t be loose, and the seat mustn’t move in any direction by even an inch.

Try to make it a two-man job
Take another person’s help to install the seat. One person should work on pushing down and into the setback, while the second individual should focus on pulling the seat belt tightly around.

Take extra care of the safety seat’s belt
Make sure the belt is not twisted, and do not pinch the seat belt webbing when pushing down the CRS. Also, make sure that the buckle is positioned appropriately for proper tightening of the CRS.

Rear-facing CRS for infants and toddlers
Children under the age of one year (weighing between 20-22 pounds) should be put in a rear-facing CRS.

Forward/Front-facing CRS for small children
Children that are one to four years old should be put in a forward or front-facing CRS with a tightly-fitted harness.

Booster seats for older children
Children aged between four and ten years old should be put in booster seats with a tight and snug seat belt fit. Once the child outgrows the fit, use the seat belt without the booster seat.

Install the CRS in a reclined position if the car’s seatback is adjustable
Some cars and vans have an adjustable seatback. In such vehicles, install the CRS in a reclined position. Move the seatback upright once the CRS is secured. Contact us at Capital Nissan of Wilmington to know more.

Source: Nissan