The History of Nissan Sports Cars


The History of Nissan Sports Cars

2019 marks Nissan’s foray into the exclusive sports car segment. The Japanese company has had an interesting legacy in sports cars, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about it.

The journey begins
In 1963, professional car racer Genichiro Tahara won the first-ever Japanese Grand Prix. He drove a Datsun Fairlady 1500, and the win inspired a passion of motorsports. A few years later, he became the Chairman of the Nissan Sports Car Club. In 1967, sports car manufacturer Prince Motors merged with Nissan, infusing the company with years of experience assembling motorsports vehicles. Prince Motors’ Skyline range of cars was the first-ever line of sports models that Nissan started manufacturing.

In 1969, Nissan launched its very first in-house-developed sports car – the GT-R performance model. Just months later, the first Z car made its way into the market. The company soon released its most-affordable and best-performing model – the Datsun 240Z. This model was driven by racer John Morton in the 1970 and 1971 SCCA National SportsCar Championship, where his brilliant performance drew the world’s eyes to Nissan’s technical capabilities and robust engineering.

Following this, the two-door Skyline GT-R was introduced in the Tokyo Motor Show in 1970, and the Fairlady Z 432 came out in 1971. This variant became the first to have magnesium alloy wheels – a feature that's standard to all Nissan cars even today. In 1984, during the 50th founding year of the company, Nissan launched the special 300ZX Turbo. Subsequently, in 1989, the fourth generation 300ZX entered the scene, Three years later, the company launched it’s very first convertible Z32.

During the period between 1992 & 2002, numerous new sports cars were revealed. The Z series was discontinued for a short while and then reintroduced in 2003 with the 350Z Coupe. Nissan’s high-performance Nismo variant came in the year 2015 in the form of the 370Z Nismo Roadster Concept.

The legacy continues
To ring in its 50th birthday, the Nissan sports car wing released a special 370Z Anniversary Edition. The car comes in two color combinations – red-white, & silver-black. The company also revealed plans for a 600HP turbocharged GT-R Nismo. Both cars will be ready for purchase in 2020. If you’d like to buy or test-drive a Nissan car in Wilmington, visit us today.

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