What is Nissan's ProPilot Assist?

ProPilot Assist

What is Nissan's ProPilot Assist?

If you are looking for Nissan cars in Wilmington, you are likely to invest in a vehicle that takes care of your safety on the road. Take, for example, Nissan's latest advanced technology, ProPILOT Assist. It is a hands-on driver’s assistant technology, created to assist drivers while community through stop-and-go traffic or during long road trips. The system is the first generation of sophisticated driver assistance technologies to have come to Nissan’s cars.

A few highlights of the ProPilot Assist are as follows:

• Brings together steering, accelerator, and braking to provide ease to drivers in long commutes and highway traffic.
• Activation and deactivation of the ProPilot Assist feature made quicker with the steering-mounted switch.
• When activated, the system controls the distance between your car and the one in front of you. It also helps maintain the course of the car in the middle of the highway lane by identifying and reading lane markers and prompts a few steering movements.
• Speed control, lane centering, and brake assist are a few capabilities of the ProPilot Assist.

Once the driver activates the ProPilot Assist feature using the button on the steering wheel, the desired distance and speed are determined. By switching on the system and detecting lane markers, the ProPilot Assist steering wheel and lane line icons turn green on the dashboard. The Steering Assist will also provide a few small inputs (the lane departure alert for example) and always keep your car in the center lane.

You can deactivate the ProPilot Assist system at any time you want. If it does not sense your hand on the wheel, the lane keeps assist technology alerts you with a series of beeps. If you still don’t place your hand on the steering wheel, it will activate the brakes. Finally, if you ignore both these warnings, the system applies the brakes automatically, reduces speed, switches on the hazard lights, and brings the car to a complete halt.

The 2018 Rogue was the first vehicle in the US to be equipped with ProPILOT Assist. However, it isn't the first Nissan creation to offer this system. The Nissan Serena, a five-door Japan-made mini-van that debuted in 2016, also flaunts this technology. If you wish to know more about this feature in Nissan cars in Wilmington, visit the nearest showroom today.

Source: Nissan