2019 Nissan Kicks Safety Features

2019 Nissan Kicks Safey

2019 Nissan Kicks Safety Features

The 2019 Nissan Kicks is a semi-compact SUV with a #9 ranking among SUVs in the same range. The Nissan Kicks offers an unimaginable value for your money, since even the base model shows great quality and excellent fuel economy. 

The Nissan Kicks provides an exceptionally smooth ride and, despite not having the most powerful engine on the block, ranks high on safety. Let us review the safety features of the 2019 Nissan Kicks.

Forward Collision Warning:
The warning system lets the driver know if there is a possibility of a collision by calculating the speed of the car and that of the vehicles in front.

Automatic Emergency Braking:
The Automatic Emergency Braking system works along with sensors to slow the car down if there is a possibility of colliding with another car or object.

Antilock Brakes:
When the brakes are applied the Antilock Brakes prevent locking of the wheels. This helps to maintain road contact and discourage skidding.

Rearview Camera:
This camera makes reversing a lot easier and gives the driver a better view of what's behind.

Blind Spot Monitoring:

Helps the driver keep track of any objects or oncoming vehicles in their natural blind spots.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert:
Alerts the driver to crossing traffic when reversing or reverse parking.

Rear Parking Sensors:
This is a useful feature that helps drivers reverse park without bumping into anything.

Surround-View Parking Camera:
Four cameras give the driver a 360º view of what’s going on outside the car.

Nissan Advanced Airbag System:
The 2019 Nissan Kicks comes with the standard package of seven airbags that protect all passengers. There's one provided for the driver’s knees as well. 

Vehicle Dynamic Control:
Helps the driver maintain their steered path.

Traction Control System:
Helps to reduce wheel spin when conditions lead to low traction.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System:
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts the driver when the tire pressure is low.


Automatically tighten the seatbelts during a collision to keep passengers safe.

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Source: Nissan